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Let us help you or your loved one start transitioning into a curated Self-Determination journey!


Independent Facilitation

SELF-Start provides Independent Facilitator Services to Regional Center Clients interested in transitioning to the Self-Determination Program.

Person-Centered Planning

SELF-Start would like to help you create your Person-Centered Plan (PCP) launching you on your journey.

Coaching Services

SELF-Start provides education to individuals with disabilities and their families with Self-Determination Services and steps to transition properly.

We look forward to guiding you every step of the way to achieving your hopes and DREAMS!

Crafting Self-Determination Plans for YOU


Lisa M.

I took Molly and Susie’s Self-Determination workshop through the Regional Center and was so impressed by their teaching and take-home materials that we hired Self-Start to be our Independent Facilitators. They made a complex process seem very straight-forward with their clear, concise, and comprehensive approach, and I continue to use their materials as a quick reference. As our IFs, they made our meetings with the Regional Center a breeze. Each of them has years of experience with the RC, which helped us prepare for issues we hadn’t thought of and they were able to direct us to resources we hadn’t identified. In addition to their expertise, they’re just really wonderful to work with—so friendly, caring, and they both have a great sense of humor. Molly and Susie made a nerve-wracking, long process seem pleasant and smooth, and we couldn’t be more grateful for their help.

Daglish Family

We are truly grateful for all of the help and good guidance we received from Molly and Susie at SELF Start. Navigating the entire self-determination process on top of our own regular responsibilities seemed enormous. Although we had gone through the Regional Center trainings, we still felt as though we didn’t really know where to start. Molly and Susie guided us along the path knowing the right questions to ask, providing suggestions based on their solid experience, reviewing and solidifying timelines, and made us feel comfortable and heard throughout the entire process. Even for those who may feel confident in the self-determination process, we would still highly recommend leveraging Molly and Susie’s expertise not only for set-up, but also for ongoing support.

Self-Start Anonymous Client

Molly and Susie are comprehensive, patient, and professional. Our daughter’s needs were not only met exceptionally well, but she now has additional support from them as Independent Facilitators when needed. We highly recommend them!

Trainings and More

SELF-Start is working hard to develop more training and services available to you in 2024. Be on the lookout!

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Take charge of your life! Unleash your potential with self-determination support!

Feeling like others make choices for you? Do you dream of living on your own terms, pursuing your goals, and making decisions that truly matter? Self-determination help can make that dream a reality!