Coaching Services

SELF-Start provides Coaching Services to educate individuals with disabilities and their families on the Regional Centers’ Self-Determination Services and the steps required to transition properly. These workshops include both group trainings and one-on-one sessions. By attending our coaching sessions you will be provided with 3 workbooks which include all of the information that you need to know about Self-Determination.

Workshops cover the following:

  • 7 steps to transitioning to self-determination.
  • How to create your circle of support.
  • How to create your person-centered plan (PCP).
  • How your individual budget is determined.
  • Hiring and working with an Independent Facilitator.
  • Hiring and working with a Financial Management Service (FMS).
  • How to create your spending plan.
  • How to seek supports and services.
  • How to incorporate your PCP goals into your Individualized Program Plan (IPP).

Dive into a deeper understanding of Coaching Services by watching our short video below.

Crafting Self-Determination Plans for YOU

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Take charge of your life! Unleash your potential with self-determination support!

Feeling like others make choices for you? Do you dream of living on your own terms, pursuing your goals, and making decisions that truly matter? Self-determination help can make that dream a reality!